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Why is there a charge on my card?

Who is Search Alliance?
We’re the first ever home search network built by agents for agents. Search Alliance is provided by HomeASAP, the company and technology that powers agent’s home search sites on our national network.

I have a charge on my card from you?

If you have a charge on your card it is because you have opted in to have home search traffic delivered to your site from the network. This means you set your own custom bid price for network traffic and you only pay that amount (sometimes less) when we send a visitor to your site that performs an action such as a home search. You also set a fixed or monthly budget amount for lead traffic. When your budget runs out, we will stop delivering visitors to your site until replenished.

Where can I view my leads? 

We put all of your site visitors and captured leads on your Leads Dashboard. You can view and manage these at any time. Visit your Leads Dashboard.

How do I manage my lead traffic bid and budget?
You can change your bid and budget at any time on your Search Alliance Control Panel. Visit your Control Panel.

Where can I see my billing history?
You can view your billing history on your Agent Dashboard by clicking on your profile picture on the menu bar, then selecting ‘Billing’ and then click on the ‘Billing History‘ tab. Visit your Billing History.